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Sometimes Life is a Walk in The Park


2016-07-03 11.11.42

I learned a few interesting facts on Saturday. Such as according to the announcer on WSTW, the commute from Wilmington down to Dewey Beach was four hours.

“Forget that!” exclaimed my fiance, and forget that we did. In fact, it never even crossed our minds to begin with. We were on our way to Bellevue State Park.

While others were stuck in that stop and go traffic and cramped car seats, we walked alone among the tall light pink flowers which released their wispy seeds into the air. “Milkweed”, said my fiance. He pinched one of the fluffy clumps and pulled it from the flower, letting it float away in the breeze.

We stopped again a few minutes later under a Beech Tree. “You can tell it’s a Beech by listening to the leaves. They sound like paper when the wind blows through the branches.” He reached up and pulled one of the leaves off. It was in fact stiff like a piece of paper and I snagged it from him before he let it fall to the ground.

“A memento”, I said with a smile.

He continued to point out other random nature facts as we weaved through the woods and back out into open fields.

“This is a Sassafras Tree. It’s where root beer comes from. Well, the root of it. Hence root beer!”


“Look at this Poison Ivy. It can grow big enough to wrap around trees and sprout berries.”

By the end of our walk we were both starving, so we closed our afternoon excursion at Chelsea Tavern in Wilmington for lunch. While munching on our pizzas, we sat outside with a lovely view of the Grand Opera House directly across the street. We also split a glorious bottle of Dogfish Head Noble Rot ( well worth the $32). YUM! And, the best part? We didn’t have to wait four hours to enjoy it all!

Market Street Majesty @smallwondergram ( Small Wonderings Blog)



Now I know why they call it #happyhour <3 <3 <3 @smallwondergram ( Small Wonderings Blog)






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